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Why did a simple model change break my report?

During our DFW User Group meetings we open the floor to questions. During a recent meeting an attendee asked why his measure stopped working correctly when he only changed the model to sort a column. It was a fun exercise…

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Managing Report Level Measures

During the Feb 27 Guy in a Cube live stream, I submitted a two-part question to gather thoughts on Report Level Measures. Q: When separating the model from report files, where is the best place to keep measures that are…

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Projects within Months

This post answers a question posted on the SQLServer Community slack #powerbi channel. I am trying to build this report where I have a start and end date for each record and chart out the values. Ideally, if the month…

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Modeling Dates

This post looks at different modeling techniques when working with dates. It is a topic covered quite a bit, but I still receive questions. I plan on using this post to help with those conversations. When your data has multiple…

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DAX Use Relationship

The question in the image below came from the Global Power BI User Group on Facebook. It seemed better to answer with a quick blog post to provide more detail. This example can be solved with multiple relationships between the…

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Dynamic Segmentation

The DAX Pattern for dynamic segmentation is a great way to provide classifications on reports. This post will explore the requirements that took our solution from a static segmentation to the dynamic pattern. Initial Requirements Our team received a feature…

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New site, work in progress

I decided today to get my personal website up to date. I really let it go! So please excuse the mess here while I work on building up some content and how I want this site to work. I expect…

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